Thrufeed / Bar Grinding

Centerless grinding is classified into two types:

Thrufeed grinding - the work piece is fed into the machine along the work blade
Plunge grinding - the work piece is placed between the wheels on a work blade and the grinding wheel is plunged into the work piece.

Some of the benefits of centerless grinding include the ability to grind parts with geometries that do not allow them to be OD ground, the ability to remove three, five and other odd numbered lobing on the shaft of a part, and to maintain size beyond what is typically capable of an OD grinder due to the low overall pressures spaced out along the work piece.

We specialize in high volume production runs.

  • 10 Landis Machines
  • Grind from .040 - 3.00 inch diameter
  • Barstock or Parts
  • Run from one part to unlimited parts. No job is too small.
  • Hold tolerances of .0002"
  • Grind to a 5 RA surface finish on parts
  • Easy machining of even brittle materials without causing any deformation
  • Long parts can be machined with precision.
  • It can render accurate roundness, excellent surface finish, and dimensional tolerances to the work piece.
thrufeed grinding