cylindrical grinding machine


Cylindrical grinding is a manufacturing technique that shapes the exterior of objects by rotating them around a central axis. This is done using cylindrical grinders, which rotate and shape objects using an abrasive wheel.

Thrufeed / Bar Grinding

We specialize in high volume production runs pertaining to thrufeed and bar grinding services.

thrufeed & bar grinding capabilities
Journal & Infeed Grinding Services

Journal / Infeed Grinding

Journal/infeed grinding is a method of cylindrical grinding in which the workpiece is held stationary while the grinding wheel is fed into the workpiece at a specified location and depth.

Bar Straightening

We utilize a Mecco Bar Straightener to straighten bars from .125 to .625 and can produce results very quickly.

bar straightening capabilities | precision grinding services
polishing grinding services

Burnishing / Polising

Our finishing services allow us to super finish parts to a 2 Ra finish or better.


Honing machines can be used in a wide range of applications, such as creating the cylinder finish or smoothing the inside of a part to ensure optimal product efficiency.

honing services
Raw Material Supplier for Precision Grinding

Raw Material Supplier

We are a raw material supplier of stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum.