Welcome to Centerless Technology - Specialists in Precision Grinding

Centerless Technology is a full service precision grinding house in Rochester, NY specializing in centerless and cylindrical grinding with over 180 years of total experience just in our top 6 personnel staff.

Our Customers

We provide grinding services to companies such as military, aero-space, medical, industrial, and automotive just to name a few.


Centerless Technology has numerous centerless grinding machines, CNC Kelenberger cylindrical grinding machines in a temperature controlled environment, shaft polishing and bar straightening machines. We grind prototype through production.


Centerless Technology can hold  parts to tolerances of .00005 (50 millionths) of an inch or 2 microns, is a common occurrence here at Centerless. We use ceramic gauge blocks, Mitutoyo indicating micrometers, laser mic, edge sensing comparator in-process gauging, and air gauging to inspect our work.

Mission Statement

We take pride in our workmanship and are committed to providing our cusomers with product that meets or exceeds their own standards for conformity at a competive price and with timely delivery. We accomplish this through skilled and empowered employees, innovative approaches, and continual improvement. Our goal is total customer satisfaction.

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